Friday, November 14, 2014

American Express Business and AT&T

As a part of my blog, I want to provide tips and advice on miles and points. While this is not points related, it nevertheless can help you save some $$$ which you can then apply towards travel. This tip is only relevant if you have:

1. a business account American Express
2. AT&T for your wireless service

This tip has been widely published in travel blogs, so I will do the little I can to help spread the word. In your American Express online account, there is a tab called "Amex Offers for You". This is not a well known function of American Express but sometimes can be very useful.

Like now.

The AT&T offer seems to be targeted, meaning not everyone will see it within this tab. I have two business account American Express cards, and one of them had this offer, the other did not. I meet the two above requirements. I logged into my AT&T account and prepaid my account for exactly $150, thus meeting the offer parameters. I expect to see a charge of $150 and a credit of $150 to my Amex account.

I hope that someone will be able to take advantage of this offer from having read my blog. And if so, please spread the word. Thanks.

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