Sunday, April 19, 2015

Latest Credit Card Applications

A reader reflecting on my balance of 3+ million miles and points asked if I ever use my miles. Yes, I use them all of the time for my family vacations and for hotels where properties are available. When I book for my family of four I burn about 300-500K miles per trip. But I rack up at least that much on an annual basis with various new credit card sign ups, every day spending on credit cards, 


and doing all of my online shopping through airline portals and earning bonus points on my purchases. 


In that pursuit, here are my latest two credit card applications, the personal Alaska Air Visa and the Business version of the same card. 

They both come with a $75 annual fee that is not waived. Ben at One Mileat a Time has a personal application link that is now offering $100 in statement credit after spending $1000 on the new credit card. One final reason that I applied for these two cards is that they are churnable. I can turn around and apply for these same cards again in about 3-4 months and continue to accrue the miles. How valuable can this get? For 140K Alaska Air miles, I can fly R/T to Asia on Cathay Pacific. I could get that 140K miles with six credit card approved applications. The annual fee would be a total of $450. I would be happy to fly to Asia on Cathay Pacific for $450. Anyway, I digress.

Here are the net results from my two applications:
-$150 in annual fees
$100 statement credit, after spending $1000
50K Alaska Air Miles

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not receive any compensation for recommending cards... at least not yet ;)

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