Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two More New Credit Cards

I just applied for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa card. And I just received my Chase Marriott Visa earlier this week. These two are the last of 32 applications in 2014. The BOA Alaska Airlines card comes with a $75 annual fee, but in return for my approved application, I receive 25K Alaska Airlines miles. The Chase Marriott card has a spending threshold of $2000 in order for me to receive my bonus of 70K Marriott points.  It also comes with a one-night certificate for a category 1-4 Marriott property. Between these two cards, I could fly from Washington DC to Anchorage, and stay three nights in one of the lower end Marriott properties. 

Not a bad haul for two CC applications and a few minutes of my time. My credit score is still well above 700. And come 2015, I will continue to apply for cards so that I can collect more miles and points and be able to travel the world with my family without going in debt to do so.

By the way, I do keep a spreadsheet to track my applications, but it is not complicated. I keep track of the credit card name, date of application, who applied for it, bank name, what is the bonus spending threshold, and if I was approved or denied. In a quick review, I can see when the last time I applied for a certain card so that I can get the bonus again. Or if I have been too heavy on one particular bank.

Happy holidays to all. And may your 2015 be full of travel adventures.

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